Friday, March 24, 2017

Allow me to share something profitable with you today.

If you're wondering why I'm emailing you now, out of the blue, after months of radio silence let me tell you that I have a good reason for that.

Do you remember the last time I sent you a tip? It was around November if I recall correctly.

If you bought that stock I told you about back then, you would've quadrupled your money at the very least.

Now here we are, a few months later and I've got something else to tell you about.

Basically if you remember, I've got a good acquaintance who works at a law firm in New York and when I took him out to a fancy steak dinner last Monday (with lots of wine) he became very talkative and let me in on a little tip.

This is what I want to share with you today. He essentially told me that some time mid next week, a small company called incapta (ticker: INCT) is going to announce that it's being acquired by a giant for a little over 1.30 a share (yes over a dollar thirty, and yes it's at just under 15 cents now)

He knows this because his law firm is the one that drafted all the paperwork for the deal and they are expected to finalize and sign the agreements today, with the official announcement coming some time between Tuesday and Thursday.

If you buy shares today, you are guaranteed to make approximately tenfold next week. The way it works is if you're holding the shares they will just take them out of your account automatically and credit you with the cash equivalent to 1.37 or so which you can take out whenever you want and spend on nice things.

Keep me in mind when you're rolling in it. I expect a big thank you and maybe a small gift!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This public company is being bought out. Read now to profit from it.

Dear valued member,

It has been a very long time since I emailed you about a rare investment opportunity.

You signed up to my newsletter because you were seeking to only invest in companies which I can guarantee will go up and I only email you when I know one will.

The last stock I told you to buy went up about 1000% and this next one is guaranteed a solid 1300% keep on reading to find out why.

INCT (incapta inc) is a drone-maker with proprietary algorithms which essentially bring drones to life. These algorithms give the drones the capability to act independent of a physical operator.

Because of they own this amazing technology which they developed in house, they have been receiving huge attention from the US Army as well as several private firms including DJI and Amazon.

A guy I work with at a mergers and acquisition firm in New York told me that INCT is about to be bought out for $1.37 per share on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. He has always come through for me.

While INCT may currently seem stagnant, that�s because very few people know about this imminent deal so don't let that fool you.

I don't expect the stock price to swing much in either direction until the takeover is announced next week, at which point it will shoot up to around $1.37 overnight.

You know what to do if you want to profit when this happens.

Keep it on the hush, but do act quickly.

Best Regards,
Francisca Osborn

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Find out now why this company is going up tenfold by this time next week.

Dear profit seeker,

It�s been quite some time since I sent you information about a stock worth buying, but the last time I did the shares soared more than 15x.

This means that if you had put in just a grand you would have gotten 15k out of it when all is said and done.

Even if you only get 2 or 3 tips from me per year, all of them are guaranteed winners because I base my recommendations on knowing privileged information.

I don�t want you to miss out again so keep on reading to find out which company is going up 1,000% by this time next Tuesday.

Incapta Inc [tickersymbol: INCT] is about to be entirely acquired by an enormous multibillion dollar corporation.

On the 28 of March you can expect to see a public announcement made which will outline the details of this acquisition with the most important detail being the price at somewhere around $1.40

This means if you buy and hold INCT right now you�ll have a guaranteed profit of a thousand percent.

INCT is a company which has built �cloud droning�. That�s basically the ability for drones to have their own mind as they connect to a network of artificial intelligence and work with each other autonomously.

It is for example possible to set up a feature to dispatch them whenever there is a car accident somewhere in order to be the first on the scene. There are also endless military applications for these drones as the company has been in talks with the US Army for months already.

Please keep this information to yourself, don�t tell your friends or family to buy the stock now. This is exclusive to my subscribers only.


Monday, March 20, 2017

This stock is about to receive a buy out at 10 times its current market price...

Dear Subscriber,

It's been a long time since I sent you my special newsletter containing a hot stock tip.
The reason for that is because I really haven't had many opportunities to present to you.

Incapta Inc (ticker: INCT) is a company that was brought to my attention earlier this morning
by one of my colleagues at an M&A firm in manhattan.

It seems that a buy out from DJI is imminent at $1.37 per share and is set to be announced
next week on Tuesday, March 28.

INCT is a company that has revolutionized the drone industry by creating the first independent drones
that can be dispatched to areas of interest such as crime scenes, car chases, wild fires, etc.

The network of drones operates by connecting to a cloud and complex algorithms efficiently dispatch the drones
within moments of an incident being reported.

This way the media outlet that owns the drones can be the first to the scene and get exclusive, live-streamed.

This has the potential to literally change the world of news broadcasting as we know it and DJI
(the most prominent drone-maker in the world) sees the potential of this technology which is why
they are willing to pay $1.37 a share to acquire it. A premium of over 1,000% over Friday's closing price.

Tell all your friends about INCT and make sure you buy it as soon as possible today at any price under
20 cents a share to guarantee yourself massive profits.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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